The exterior of your building is the first point of contact that people have when paying a visit to your business for the first time. In addition to this, your exterior flooring is also exposed to high traffic and heavy vehicle loads on a routine basis. Therefore, you need to find a flooring solution that will not only contribute to the kerb appeal of the premises but that will also be capable of withstanding a heavy beating without succumbing to quick deterioration. Although there are numerous flooring options that you could choose, few offer as many benefits as pattern paving does. The following are a few of the reasons why pattern paving makes an excellent solution for your exterior concreting needs. 

Pattern paving allows for creativity in design

Office premises tend to appear blander than residential properties, since few business owners put effort into the aesthetics of the space. Instead, they will gravitate toward functionality rather than trying to flex their creative muscle. With pattern paving, you get a chance to steer clear from plain concrete that can be quite a bore. Pattern pave provides you with a selection of patterns to choose from, ranging from herringbone designs to surfaces that mimic cobblestone!

Moreover, you can have your pattern pave mixed with different coloured pigments to complement the theme of your office building. Lastly, the customisation of the pattern paving also makes it easy for you to delineate the various parts of your office premises, such as footpaths, parking lanes, kerbing and more. Overall, pattern pave allows for maximum creativity without having to use multiple paving materials simultaneously. 

Pattern paving has an affordable initial cost

As an owner of office premises, you are undoubtedly familiar with the steep cost of maintaining the property. From structural maintenance to utility bills, it takes a significant amount of money to run a commercial property. Thus, chances are you would be looking for construction materials that are affordable in an attempt to keep your operational costs bearable. Pattern paving is one such inexpensive material.

Firstly, this type of flooring is made of concrete, which is cheaper than most other types of exterior flooring materials. The main difference is the wet concrete is decorated using moulds to create visual appeal. Secondly, the maintenance of pattern paving is also affordable. The contractors will apply a sealer on the pattern paving, which will protect it from weathering as well as UV radiation, prolonging its lifespan.