When you're planning a new driveway, one of the first things that you'll consider is the material to be used. Whilst concrete and asphalt are perhaps the most common driveway materials today, they're can't necessarily give you the look you want. Natural stone pavers such as granite pavers are growing in popularity -- and after you learn more about this unique driveway material, you might just find that it's the ideal choice for you. Here are the advantages -- and the potential disadvantage -- of natural stone pavers for your driveway.

The Appearance

One of the most significant advantages with natural stone pavers is their appearance. A paver driveway has a truly unique look, one that can upgrade the look of the whole property. Natural stone pavers are elegant looking, and they can be found in nearly any colour that you like -- from the lighter slates to dark granites, one of the shades of natural stone will be right for your property. 

The Durability

Pavers are more durable than you might imagine. The natural stones used for pavers are among the strongest of naturally existing rocks, and they're reinforced with even stronger materials. Natural stone pavers typically have a concrete type base made from crushed rocks and sand. If you already have a concrete driveway, it can even serve as a base for the new natural stone pavers. 

The Maintenance

When your natural stone pavers are damaged, the repair can be quite simple and easy. With concrete or asphalt, a single crack or line can destroy the appearance of the whole driveway. Even worse, cracks and lines tend to spread quite rapidly in both concrete and asphalt. A very large part of the driveway may have to be resurfaced to fix even one or two cracks with concrete or asphalt. With natural stone pavers, the damage is confined to the individual paver, since it's not connected to the other pavers except by mortar. A repair can be dead simple -- it consists of removing the damaged paver and replacing it with a new one.

The Cost

The cost is the only potential drawback with a natural stone paver driveway. Whilst the investment is higher than that of a concrete or asphalt driveway initially, you'll get a long lasting driveway that won't need to be repaired or even completely resurfaced very often. Over time, this means that the cost tends to even out. 

As you can see, natural stone pavers are an excellent choice for your driveway. If you're planning a new driveway and want to know more about this unique option, contact your local granite pavers contractor today!