When freshly installed, your asphalt driveway will greatly increase the aesthetic factor of your property with its smooth and shiny surface. But if not well maintained, your previously appealing driveway will steadily become riddled with imperfections that can eventually make it lose the attributes that make it attractive as well as diminish its functionality. It is imperative for all driveway repairs to be carried out promptly or you could end up having to resort to driveway replacement that, undeniably, will cost significantly more. Once in a while, park your car on the street and take a moment to inspect for the following symptoms that are indicative of your asphalt driveway being on the decline.

Progressive formation of cracks

Regardless of how high quality the artisanship of your asphalt driveway is, cracks are an inevitable flaw that you will have to contend with. Your driveway is exposed to the erratic Australian climate, and enduring the weight of vehicles will also contribute to the degradation of the surface. For you to prevent complete disrepair, it is essential to arrest the development of these rifts on the surface as you start to notice them, as this will avoid the surface from transforming into a crocodile-like surface that will no longer be functional for your property.

Perpetual water puddles

Regardless of whether it is the rainy season or if you have sprinklers on your property, your asphalt driveway is not supposed to exhibit signs of puddling. Water puddles collecting on the surface can cause permanent damage to the base of your driveway, which will result in curtailed structural integrity and cause it to be extremely unstable. What you should note about the frequent pooling of water is that it typically is indicative of substandard drainage. Thus, to remedy this issue, it is important to have your contractors install better mechanisms that will facilitate the diversion of water away from your driveway.

Continual widening of potholes

You may notice relatively small-sized potholes on your asphalt and decide you would rather wait to have your driveway fully resurfaced rather than attending to them individually. The flaw in this plan is that potholes do not stop growing. When neglected, the perimeter of the pothole will simply continue to crumble, making them widen exponentially. Moreover, the presence of potholes does not just take away from the appeal of your driveway. The bigger the potholes are, the higher the potential risk of suspension problems for your vehicle. Not to mention, the deterioration of your tyres too. Thus, it is critical to have potholes filled as soon as you notice their development.