While purchasing an old house is a cost-efficient way of becoming a property owner, there are some drawbacks that you will have to contend with. One of the most common issues potential buyers have to address with an old home is that it may be looking worse for wear. And if kerb appeal is an important attribute, you then have to deliberate on ways of enhancing the exterior finish of the property. Painting is a typical solution to this problem, but it is not the only choice available to you. Cement rendering is a concreting process that entails the addition of sand and lime to cement to boost the integrity of the product. This is then applied as a finish on the exterior of the home. Read on for some of the benefits of cement rendering the exterior of your home.

Cement rendering is marvellously versatile

A huge advantage that homeowners can reap from cement rendering is its intrinsic versatility. This finish can be applied to any masonry. Therefore, it does not matter what supplies your home was constructed from. Although cement rendering is a favourite for brick structures, you can apply it on stone supplies too. Moreover, there is a multitude of amazing finishes that your concrete contractors can create. Whether you want a textured finish on the exterior walls or prefer a sleek and smooth surface, cement rendering will be an ideal choice.

Cement rendering is fantastically thermally efficient

Australian weather can generally be considered favourable, but as a resident, you know there will be months when the ambient temperatures can become intolerable. If your residence is not thermally efficient, the summers can be scorching hot and the winters frigidly cold. Wholly relying on your air conditioning system might be your approach of contending with these extreme temperature changes, but this is not pocket-friendly. Cement rendering is a suitable way of increasing the energy efficiency of your residence. The additional layer that the cement render forms acts as an insulation barrier. As a result, the exterior temperatures will not have a significant impact on your comfort levels at the interior of the home.

Cement rendering is unbelievably cost effective

Every homeowner wants to save on expenses, and cement rendering offers you a practical solution of doing precisely that. Firstly, this exterior coating is much more affordable than other types of cladding. So you have the opportunity to apply it on your entire structure without breaking the bank. Secondly, with the aforementioned thermal efficiency, you will also benefit from reduced electricity costs during the summer and the winter. 

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